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What areas can you get help with ?

Indian Civil Liberties Union is an Organization that works towards protection of civil liberties and violations of freedom and rights guaranteed under the Constitution of India. We take complaints and offer legal help for any such instance occurring within the jurisdiction of India. Learn more about the work of ICLU and our Issues. (This will include links of “About ICLU” and “ICLU Issues”)

How to get help ?

In order to assist the individuals or groups seeking legal help from our litigation team, ICLU has devised a user friendly mechanism. ICLU aims at resolving legal disputes and providing legal suggestions and legal aid to the needy in cases that fall under our disciples. 

If you are seeking legal help from the ICLU, please fill out the form here.

All requests for legal assistance must be submitted via the above mentioned form. In case of any follow up, feel free to write us at (ICLU email) or contact us at (Contact no).

What to expect when you seek help?

We at ICLU do our best in order to protect fundamental rights and individual freedoms. As a part of our responsibility towards our mission, we have always tried our best to resolve individual concerns in the best and prompt manner.

We also request you to kindly be patient towards receiving reply from our end. Our Litigation Team works for the speedy redressal of your complaints and legal advises. However, there might to some cases that require extra time and efforts from our side to reach you. We request you to be patient in writing back to you before you follow up.